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Ben and Ed is known as an addictive combination of Adventure and Run-and-Jump video game. The game has Single-player mode only and occurs in the unknown dystopian world. The game will put you in control of Ed, the zombie, who has a mission to take part in the grotesque game show known as Rundead. You have to deal with the insane difficulties, struggle all the hurdles and encounter the evil Showmaster at the end to save your friend named as Ben.

Ben and Ed

You will discover the world from a third-person aspect, move freely in the 3D environment, bite antagonists to take down them while jumping from challenging platforms to rescue your friend. During the game proceed, you will lose your limb while struggling with the obstacle but it’s ok you are a zombie in the game. You then can use your head to reach the secret places and can recover your body.

A list of Top 7 Games like Ben and Ed is ready for you to pick up. Let’s join us to see what’s inside below!

1.Ragdoll Runners

The first game in the Top 7 Games like Ben and Ed is Ragdoll Runners. This is a physics-based, sports, and single-player simulation video game. The game is about the Track and Field elements where the game allows you to control an athlete with an aim to conquer in eight different events of various kinds including triple jump, long jump, sprint, and hurdles. In this game, you can use two keys, one key per leg. As if you want to achieve victory, you need good mental strength and timing.

Ragdoll Runners

Three game modes are available in the game such as Solo, Split-screen, and Online. In the Solo mode, you can compete with strong opponents and struggle to become champion in each event by performing the best. In the Split screen mode, you can fight the three friends on the same computer, while two or three in the campaign mode online as against the world, and challenge mode daily contest.

2. Icycle

The second game in the Top 7 Games like Ben and Ed is Icycle. This is an addictive, side-scroll, cycling and single-player video game. The game is held in the snowy environment and you are allowed to control a funny character sitting on the little bicycle, and the main goal of you is to explore the game.


The game brings a variety of levels, and each level equips with different hurdles, challenges, and the environment. You will need to explore the environment, collect bubbles, avoid obstacles, and complete level within time to score points. Let’s fulfill each level to set free next and perform your skills by getting 100% performance points at each level. In addition, you can move forward, jump, and also the speed brakes to slow down to avoid obstacles. Then immerse yourself in exciting worlds and fulfill all levels.

3. Happy Wheels

The third game in the Top 7 Games like Ben and Ed is Happy Wheels. The game is developed and published by the Fancy Force, is a cool Fantastic Ragdoll Browser-based Puzzle and Physics video game. Happy Wheels allows you to participate in dangerous physics races. You will use different vehicles (based on different characters) to move on complex terrains.

Happy Wheels

The race in Happy Wheels is very brutal. In the races, you can attack other players, using the items that the game offers to kill your opponent. In order to complete a challenge, you need to move skillfully and pay attention to the deadly traps. With the addictive gameplay, bloody scenes and touch challenges, Happy Wheels is a game for Hardcore gamers.

4. Deserter Simulator

The next game in the Top 7 Games like Ben and Ed is Deserter Simulator. The game is developed by Pocket Queries and published by Zoo Corporation, is a cool 3D Motorcycle Racing Simulation game. The game brings the Single-player mode only, and it is designed to play on multiple platforms.

Deserter Simulator

Deserter Simulator is held in a vast virtual world where you take on the role of a rider. You have to ride your bike to complete the goals that the game requires. Your last goal is to explore the surroundings from the perspective of a third person, and drive your bike out of danger to survive. During the game proceed, you can upgrade your character, using special powers to improve your bike speed and performance.

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5. Flip Master

The fifth game in the Top 7 Games like Ben and Ed is Flip Master.

Flip Master is a game created and published by Miniclip.com which is a Sports video game. The game will admit a thrilling gymnastic gameplay where you can show off various tricks such as Plunges, Behind flips, Top flips, and more. The vital gameplay lets you begin your work as the gymnastic master. It happens in beautiful locations such as a Backyard, Crazy Circus, Competitive Trampoline, Gym and more.

Flip Master

Your mission is to collect gold coins while doing stunts on a trampoline and consume these coins to open critical skills like front flips, backflips. The game will give crazy power-ups for you and lets you choose the medicine ball to gain your power. There is a series of characters available, and you can select one of them to start your game.

6. Backflip Madness

The sixth game in the Top 7 Games like Ben and Ed is Backflip Madness.

Backflip Madness is a game created by Gamesoul Studio which is an impressive Arcade, Parkour-style, Fast-speed Sports video game. This game is designed to play on mobile platforms Android and iOS but just allow single-player mode only. Your goal is very simple, you just make tons of spectacular stunts and tricks to score the points.

Backflip Madness

There is a series of stages and each stage offers specific locations with various backflips. While you enjoy the game, you can show off acrobatics and can score the points to become the master. Three dissimilar difficulties are available such as Easy, Normal, and Hard. You can dress up your character with normal or ninja outfits.

7. Diesel or Death

The last game in the Top 7 Games like Ben and Ed is Diesel or Death.Diesel or Death is a game developed and publicized by Agame which is a fabulous Action, Side-scroll, and Racing video game. The game happens in the bumpy landscape and other disputes locations and allows you to get into the role of the tracks and navigate the game world. It concludes a set of stages each with the different difficult challenge.

Diesel or Death

In this game, you are a biker named Death and the opposite player is known as Diesel. Your goal is to race against NPCs across dissimilar stages and finish the quests. In order to achieve the stage, you must catch the flag before your antagonists or damage you are against the player using armaments and bombs.

Final Verdict:

A list of Top 7 Games like Ben and Ed is a gift for you. However, if it is not enough, let’s head to Coolgameslike.com to find out more information.

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